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She had come back to look for us, apparently we had been dawdling!

On the way back to the car Alec and I managed to hang back a bit.

"Hard, please hard, give me all you've got, aargh, yeeeees, mmmm, fuck, yea, like that!

I pummelled into her as hard as I could for a few minutes, both of us grunting with the force of a good hard fuck, her boobs bouncing around on her chest had me mesmerised!

We had been so engrossed in our conversation that we hadn't noticed Sandy.

You know that you are both special friends of ours." "No, sorry, I mean, um, well, sexually..." Alec looked at me pensively."Yeeees, oooh, cuummming, aaargh, ALEC, yeeees, aargh." We both collapsed on the bed, gasping to get our breath." He laughed and replied, "No, just leave it to me." I replied, "Why don't we ask Alec to join us tomorrow evening?She is taller, slimmer and has smaller boobs than me!

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