Updating xp corporate stripped

Even regular consumers and small businesses don't need to be overly concerned.Lack of official support does not mean that XP boxes will turn into malware-ridden botnet zombies overnight.The fact that Microsoft will end support for products does not necessarily mean that ATM operators don't have contingency plans that involve an extension of official support past the April deadline.The logical upgrade path would require many ATMs to move to Windows 7, which might not be practical for some operators due to hardware compatibility problems or financial concerns.Microsoft is not ending support for embedded XP – support for these units will continue well into 2016.It is also possible that ATM operators with non-embedded versions will get a temporary reprieve.The second alternative is to go for an alternative OS altogether.

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Malwarebytes has launched an updated version of its Anti-Malware Premium suite this week, and the company says it will support XP users for life.However, these worrisome statistics do not paint the full picture.It is important to understand that ATMs run different versions of Windows XP, and a sizeable number run stripped-down, embedded versions of the operating system.This explains why some operators are reluctant to upgrade their hardware – it just doesn't make financial sense.The bottom line is: don't buy into the hype or fall for the FUD.

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